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Bob's Automotive got its start as Bob & Jack's Conoco in 1962. Bob and partner Jack Hamilton opened the service station at the corner of Glenstone and Seminole, at that time, the extreme south end of town. As the repair side of the business out grew the gas side, Bob expanded his service end and moved to a four bay shop on Sunshine at Fremont in 1967.

Within ten years the business had increased and the parking lot had become more congested. At that time, the shop was relocated to a newly renovated building more than twice the size at 1948 S. Campbell. It was also at that point in time the automotive field had began to evolve with the electronic world. By the mid 80's vehicles were computer controlled and had become much more complex. Soon after, it was recognized that in order to keep up with this evolution constant training would become more necessary than ever. For that primary reason a number of repair shops in the area organized and in April 1986 joined what would become the Automotive Service Association. This nationwide group of independent repair shops has raised the standards for customer service, ethics and professionalism. Bob's Automotive is proud to be a charter member and active in the local chapter.

By 1995, Bob was becoming of retirement age and wanted to slow down some. His son Greg, had been in the parts business for a number of years and after some discussion it was decided he would come to the shop in support of Bob, and to "retire". Then in May 1998 they purchased a building, furbished it to suit their needs and moved to the current location at 1514 S. Enterprise Ave. It is a 12,000 square foot facility with adequate parking and easy access. They more than doubled the size of the prior location, but this time with the room to expand when the needs arise.

January 2017 marks Bob's 55th year in the repair shop business and we celebrate this anniversary in appreciation of our customers past and present for their support.


Bob & Jack's Conoco
Bob & Jack's Conoco
Started Here at 2153 South
Glenstone in January 1962

Bob Fielder with Cecil Deeds
Bob Fielder (on right) with
his gas attendant
Cecil Deeds -- 1960s

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