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The team at Bob's Automotive is concerned about your future with your vehicle. We're proud to say we have built our reputation on the trust of our customers, their friends and families. In many cases, three generations. Our people are car people, but more importantly we are people oriented.

Our combined experience in automotive service is quickly approaching 200 years. Technicians are ASE certified in their fields, but we know we can't rest on those laurels. With today's ever changing vehicles and their components, training is an ongoing situation. We are fortunate to have schooling available through affiliations with industry associations and our vendors as well as nationally recognized educators, well respected in their fields. Internet training is a new and valuable opportunity available to us.

For day to day information, whether it be in the realm of diagnostics & repair or maintenance, we have a number of web based information resources available. Consisting of factory specifications and procedures, technical bulletins, maintenance requirements and even pattern failures, we utilize these systems for a proper perspective and solution to your needs.

We have made a number of strides in effort to position ourselves to better serve our customers. In this computer age we use a number of data information systems to address the more complex issues with today's vehicles. We have incorporated a shop management system that more effectively tracks customer and vehicle histories. It also makes the entire transaction much more efficient, from taking the initial phone call until the customer picks up the vehicle.

The shop's management system allows us to keep track of repairs and services past, present & recommend for future needs. From a convenience standpoint, it allows us to keep on file important information so as to streamline your visit from the first call to the end of the transaction. We can also check the history of your vehicle at a moments notice and even print out said history to inform you of your expenditures complete with cost per mile.

List of Services

Air Conditioning
  Complete AC Repair
  Evacuation & Re-Charge
  AC Retrofit
  Performance Testing

Alignment & Shocks
  Steering & Suspension
  Shocks & Struts
  Air Ride Systems
Engine Management Service
  Ignition Systems
  Emission Systems
  Fuel Delivery Systems
  Diagnosis & Repair

Brake Service
  Brake Pads & Shoes
  Power Boosters
  Anti-Lock Brake Systems
  Emergency Brakes
  Machine Work

Oil Change
  Lube / Oil / Filter
  Transmission Flush
  Power Steering Flush
  Differential Flush
  Brake Fluid Flush
  30K/60K/90K Services

Transmission Repair
  Maintenance Services

Cooling Systems
  Water Pumps
  Radiator Flush
  Hoses and Belts
  Heater Cores
  Cooling Fans

Call (417) 881-0291

LOBBY HOURS -- 7 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday

SHOP HOURS -- 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday

AFTER-HOURS DROP OFF -- Place our completed service form and your keys in the drop slot next to our office door.

Service Form

BREAK-DOWNS -- Please call Henry's Tow Service at:
(417) 882-4559

Payment Options

Cash - Debit Card - Visa Mastercard - Discover
American Express

Shuttle Service

Bob Fielder shuttles a customer and tests her vehicle before repair

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