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Bob, President

BOB FIELDER, President -- Bob's Automotive got it's start as Bob & Jack's Conoco in 1962. Bob and partner Jack Hamilton opened the service station at the corner of Glenstone and Seminole, and at the time, the extreme south end of town. [History] By 1995, Bob was becoming of retirement age and wanting to slow down some. His son Greg, had been in the parts business for a number of years -- after some discussion it was decided Greg would come to the shop in support of Bob. As retired as he may be, he still gets daily updates, and always asking about Customers and Employees.


Greg, Manager

GREG FIELDER, Manager -- Born and raised here in Springfield, Greg hasn't really even wandered out of the same neighborhood for nearly 50 years. With specialized automotive training at Ozarks Technical College, he graduated in 1977 from Parkview High and attended business classes at Missouri State University. Combined with ongoing training necessary in today's business world, Greg’s real world day-to-day experience gives him a good foot-hold on addressing our customer's needs. In 2007, Greg completed necessary studies to earn his Accredited Automotive Management degree from the Automotive Management Institute. Greg & his wife Wanda married in 1982, and have three girls -- a black one, Sophie, a white one, Peaches, and the big one, Dazey -- they are all mixed breed "pound" puppies.  But Greg’s pride and joy would almost have to be his first car, a 1968 Pontiac Firebird, that he's been pounding the back roads with since 1975. A lot of time is spent on old Route 66 these days.

Jonathan Carden

JONATHAN CARDEN -- Jonathan was born here in Springfield, MO, raised in Fairgrove, MO, and graduated in 2006. He then joined the United States Marine Corp, and served from 2006 - 2010 where he was Motor Transportation Mechanic. Jonathan's certifications and commendations would fill a book, such as have an Automotive Technology Associate of Applied Sciences degree, from Ozark Technical College in 2013, a certified ASE Master Technician, along with many others, and shortly after becoming part of the Bob's team in 2013. Jonathan and his wife Amber married in 2008 and now reside here in Springfield, and parents of three boys that definitely keep them busy. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys fishing, floating, hunting, and camping.

Javier Morales

JAVIER MORALES -- Born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Javier moved to Houston, Texas in 1980, and then settled down in Missouri in 2004. He and his wife Blanca have been married since 1983, have three children, and six grandchildren which they enjoy spending time with every chance they get. Javier has been a part of the Bob's team since 2014, and with 26 years of experience working in general service areas of the automotive industry, he is truely an asset to the business. In his spare time he enjoys reading books about New Era, more importantly he has shown time after time that he is always ready to lend a helping hand. With his service bay located at the front of the building, so when you come in you can almost always expect a big friendly smile and wave from Javier.

Eric Rhody

ERIC GREGORY RHODY -- Eric was born in Flint, MI where he attented high school, and graduating in 1979. He met his soon-to-be wife while in high-school, who he later married in 1983. They both have three children together, one boy, and two girls. Both girls were born in Detroit, MI after having moved there in 1989 to take a job with the B.A.S.F. corporation, which the division he worked in later closed shop in 1992. Since then Eric has worked in the automotive industry in several capacities. He and his family later moved to Missouri in 2000 where they very much enjoy the area and where Eric plans to retire. He started at Bob's September 2016, and couldn't be more pleased with the decision to come aboard. Eric is a big sports lover, summer and winter, with snowmobiling being his favorite.


BARBARA CAMPBELL -- Born and raised here in Springfield, Barbara now enjoys the country life in Willard, MO, and has been a part of the Bob's Automotive family since 1983. Still with us managing the office tasks of the business, while treating each customer like another part of the family. Barbara and her husband Jeff married in 1974, and have one son, a daughter-in-law, four grandchildren, one great grandson, and a great granddaughter. Barbara and Jeff enjoy competing in BBQ competitions in their spare time, under the team name "Hogzilla". Her babies are 2 yorkies named Nick & Rudy, a cat named Bubbles, a lab/collie mix named Mollie, and one grand-pup named Jake. Oh! Did we mention Barbara loves animals?

Dazey, Shop Dog

DAZEY -- Dazey is the pound puppy that never got caught. She wandered into Greg's back yard a few years ago with no identification. Judging from her demeamor we assume she had a pretty rough past, and can be kind of hard to get to know. After training courses and a lot of socializing she has come a long way, but is still wary of strangers. Dazey is a new "breed" of dog, a PITH (pain in the hiney). She most likely has some red healer in her along with whatever else, and is very fit and strong as exemplified by her ability to hurdle the fence. Not to worry though, when she's done scouting she jumps back into the yard to be with her family. Most of all, Dazey enjoys riding in the car and coming to work every day.


RUDY CAMPBELL -- Rudy recently started coming to work with Barb (his mom), after his older brother Nick passed away. Never before was he without his brother, and he was show great signs of sadness that we decided he needed a new routine. Rudy is a nine year old yorkie that weighs around 7 pounds, but thinks he's as big as Dazey. The two of them are getting to know each other, and doing fine, even though Rudy sleeps most of the time. Rudy enjoys the lunch hour most of all, when he and his mom can take a walk together. Like Dazey, Rudy loves the ride to and from work each day.

John, Foreman

JOHN CORLESS, Retired Shop Foreman -- Since he would rather be hunting or fishing, he retired. John was a great shop foreman here at Bob's Automotive, who graduated from Ozark High School in 1976, and joined the Bob's team in 1981, back when we were all still mechanics.  Being here for such a long time, he had played a major role over the years in our progress, and we'll miss him.  John and his wife Cheri have three children and nine grandchildren. John and Cheri both enjoy success hunting as well as fishing, and spend as much time as possible at the lake.

Russ, Master

RUSS JACKSON Retired Master Technician -- Due to health issues Russ retired, and is of course missed. Russ was born in Yakama, WA, and moved to the area in 1963. He graduated from Fordland High School in 1966, and worked on automobiles ever since. Russ was an ASE certified Master Automobile Technician, with a specialty in Asian import vehicles. Russ started with us in 1986, another long-timer here at Bob's. He and his wife Donna enjoy spending time with the grandkids, floating a river or traveling. Russ is also the owner of Jax, a black lab that he brought to work every day, and miss him as well.

Raymond, Parts

RAYMOND CORWIN Retired-- Raymond has retired and enjoys time with his wife Nilajo touring the country in their motor home, stopping frequently to play in their dune buggy. Raymond lists forty plus years experience and you can believe that! Starting out, he helped at his Dad's auto shop and then took it over in 1965 when his Dad had a heart attack. He still has a shop in Miller MO where he graduated from high school. Now he builds and maintains his dune buggies and motor home there. Raymond's true experience came from the real world, the school of hard knocks. His level-headed approach to trouble shooting and repair was a result of this and was a true attribute to our customers, and business. Raymond will be missed.

Jax, Shop Dog

JAX JACKSON Retired -- Jax is Russ' dog, and when Russ retired, Jax did as well. Russ and his wife saw a black Lab that needed a home, and once they met it was family time. He liked people, but loved to be given attention and wasn't shy about hinting for it. He came to work everyday, and Jax & Dazey had quite a time. Sometimes they stop by to visit, and he and Dazey are always happy to see each other. After saying "Hi" to Dazey, he goes on to say, "Hello" to everyone else at Bob's, as well as get some love and attention.

Ginger, Shop Dog

GINGER ROSE JACKSON -- In loving memory. Ginger was so much more than just an old shop dog. We hated to lose Ginger in the Fall of 2009, but had to let her go. While she belonged to Russ, we all miss her companionship terribly. Rest in peace, Ginger girl.

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